Previous Cases

On each case we have had met amazing and very gifted and talented people. No one expected or wanted activity going on that would start to leave them uneasy and uncomfortable in there own homes or businesses.  All of our team members understand that what some people have encountered, that can not be explained by logical explanation, can rattle a person and leave them feeling apprehensive to tell others. On every case we spend time with our clients and helping in them to understand what may be going on along with suggestions to cope and set boundaries to the other side. And on each case we have also encountered amazing connections with who is behind a lot of the reported paranormal activity.  For us it has been range of stories and emotions that some had been existing in.  In some of our past cases we have encountered a severely autistic man who imaged as a child, to an ex-lover of someone that thought they had gotten back together.  There has also been a man so tied to his past controlling behavior over women, he continued in death, and a woman that stayed with her child on that side still caring for her.  And each one mentioned just needed one last connection of fully being noticed and be given compassion and understanding.  We basically get to know them something about their pasts and work with them until they are ready to see for themselves what is waiting for them.  

On sub pages, we have summaries of each of our cases, please stay tuned to our case summaries as we are adding new content frequently.