"All Around Us" Documentry

All Around Us will feature team Founder Seth Micheal, he will be the primary focus of this documentary. But, he wont be alone. Many of his friends are included in this Spiritual adventure and we will hear from them, including special interviews with animal communicator Karen Anderson and psychic medium Teresa Kleve. Get to know the struggles of being a medium and also the joy as you bring healing to both the living and those who have passed on, including pets. Learn about all different types of spirits and even watch spirit counseling. This film will cover the white light aspects and also the dark side. You will get to join us at the Oregon Ghost Conference in Seaside, OR and experience some paranormal outings with White Light Paranormal Insight, including a hotel from the 1800s. Best of all, you get the personal stories and real accounts, including testimonials from people like you and me. You'll hear from the believers, the skeptics and those in-between. This is a film you will not want to miss! An interesting twist to this documentary is the fact that the filmmaker, Tristan Luciotti is a Christian. Embarking on a film on this sensitive topic for him takes courage. “I have had my share of experiences in my life and it’s important to show this isn’t a Satanic gift that Seth has. It’s actually beautiful and I’m not afraid of any backlash I get from making this film. I think once people see this they may look at things in a brand new way. It’s already been a fascinating journey.”