Jyl: Medium Assistant (Co-Founder)

Living above the family's funeral home as a young child, death for me was just a normal part of life. However, I did not have a lot of strange occurrences at the time, other than vivid dreams, frequent sleepwalking and imaginary friends that were very real to me. Around the age of ten I saw a small black dog pushing a bowl inside of a bathroom cupboard when I went to get something out of it. I asked my friends to look, but it had disappeared! It was so real when I saw it, I believe that may have been my first experience of a full bodied manifestation of some sort of spirit. During one of the most difficult times in my life, I experienced an overwhelming awareness of the presence of my Guardian Angel. After visiting a psychic, I felt a huge warm loving glow behind me and I started crying uncontrollably. The psychic said the angel's name was Rachel, she was golden yellow, and wanted me to let my pain out rather than holding it in. At that point, I knew I wasn't in this alone and I was going to be okay. A few years ago, I experienced some disturbing activity in my house, I could not ignore. This is around the time Seth, who had experience with these types of issues, was able to help stop all of the activity. It was a relief to have a peace in my home again, Seth and I then decided to start a paranormal team where we could validate other people's experiences and attempt to resolve for them. I believe I am naturally perceptive, intuitive and empathetic when it comes to people, which also fits in with doing what we set out to do for other's peace of mind in their homes. Everyone deserves a safe place to call home and not be bothered by things they can't see.

Kristen: Investigations Director/Case Manager

My first experience as well, was as a very small child. A family member of mine lived in a “haunted house”  we had a few different experiences there that rattled me enough that they stuck with me into adulthood. As an adult I moved into a house that we had a couple of paranormal experiences at, one of which included me being pinned down on my bed. I had no one to turn to for advice with what I was experiencing, and didn't feel I could talk about it with anyone, I felt alone. Flash forward 12 years and through a better understanding in the Paranormal world, with the many shows on T.V and books, discussing the Paranormal became more accepted, and not looked down upon. When I had the opportunity to join this team, I felt I had a mission to help others to understand what they are living with, to listen with an open mind, not being judgmental but compassionate with what they are going through and to help the Spirits with whatever they need. I now have a better understanding of the Spirit world and I have no fear of it, and I hope to help empower others with that.


Tracy: Paranormal Investigator

My experience with the supernatural began at an early age.  I came to live in a house where people we couldn't see would walk up and down the stairs.  I woke in the night to see a strange man floating outside my window.  My room was on the second floor and there was no roof under it.  I chased understanding through hundreds of books, movies, magazines, and virtually anything I could get my hands on.  Joining this team has already taught me many things and validated questions I've had for 38 years.                                                        

AurorA: Psychic Medium, Channeler and Energy Healer

AurorA is a psychic medium, channel and energy healer, and is a medium with White Light Paranormal Insight. An intuitive since a young child, she started remote viewing at age 11 and channeling at age 15.

As an adult, AurorA honed her mediumistic abilities. For energy work, she has studied Reiki and Theta Healing, and uses elements of Quantum Touch and Matrix Energetics. She works with three Hathor healers using a modality they’ve created and call Transcendental Transformation. Together, they help release energy blocks, limiting beliefs, make corrections in chakras and energy fields, heal past lives, and more, all in line with the newer human consciousness.

For several years, AurorA has done private readings and energy healings. In 2013 and 2014, she worked as a reader/healer out of New Renaissance Bookstore in NW Portland. Presently, she is the host for a Metaphysical Fair held monthly in the Portland area.

Aurora Channels her primary guide Aoben Oben but also founded a team of channels who channel a collective of light beings called "The Panel." Together, Aurora and this team, bring positive messages to assist humanity in raising vibration and human consciousness.



Dina: Psychic Medium

I enjoy and find it my moral duty to help Spirits and Spiritual beings find their inner peace. Every since I was a young girl, about the age of five, I had a feeling that I was "different" from the other children. I was always talking about Spirits to my friends, they thought I was weird, I consider it a gift.

Carolyn: Researcher and Client Interviews

I have spent the past 20 years doing Genealogical research for myself and others. I am learning how to apply those skills to researching property, area history and the lives of those pertinent to the situations that White Light has been asked to intervene upon. I have been interested in and studied the paranormal, religion and history all my life.Paranormal experiences run in my family, many close members being psychic. I grew up with specific, verified and shared paranormal experiences happening around me and to me. While I am not psychic, I am told I am empathic. I am still learning how to use that tool and what it means to me. I am open to and recognize situations when they happen and extend myself in love and assistance where I can. 

Joshua: Psychic Medium and Occult Scholar 

I received my gifts at the age of seven. After a series of brutal migraines, I began to have precognitive dreams. As I grew and developed, so did my abilities. By the age of 11, the dreams stopped but the Medium side of me began to emerge. I started work in the field shortly after and by the age of 16 I was known throughout my hometown for helping people with their haunted places. My mother is an animal communicator and I come from an intuitive family but I was the first Medium in my household. On my father’s side I come from men who are skilled with dowsing, and on my mother’s side, I come from a long line of Witches. I study the craft in order to understand my abilities in that respect and to build tools for helping people. I have found through the craft I am better able to heal, protect, and assist those in need. Being a solo act most of my life I'm very excited to get the chance to work with the White Light Paranormal Insight team and its talented members.


Tobi: Paranormal Investigator

I began my foray into the paranormal when I was a young child. I worked in a metaphysical bookshop in my early twenty's and finally started doing EVP recordings in my late twenty's, to see if communication with spirits was possible and/ or traceable. I consider myself an open person, but still tough to convince, I start everything with how can this occur before making the leap. I love the gadgets of the trade and love doing experiments, but I find your 5 senses are the the best place to start.

Teresa: Clairvoyant Medium, Medical Intuitive and Empath 

I am a natural born Psyhic/Medium. I have been remote viewing and having precognition since age 6. As a Clairvoyant I receive messages through seeing in my minds eye memories of the loved one or my own in order to bring messages through. I pick up voices and smells that can also be helpful. As an Intuitive I have a knowing that comes to me of certain information. As a Medical Intuitive and Empath, I feel others pain and can pin point problem areas. My calling is to bring messages from loved ones and provide evidence of life after death. I have my own life struggles with Muscular Dystrophy FSHD being a quadriplegic in a wheelchair for over 30 years.

Erica: Investigation Assistant 

Even though I am new to the Paranormal field, I look forward to developing my own gifts and assisting others in finding comfort. 

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Seth Michael: Spiritual Resolution Director/Psychic Medium (Co-Founder) 

My experiences with the paranormal began when I was around the age of three. Because I did not completely understand what was going on, I did become frightened of the dark and being alone in my bedroom at night. Even though I do have some pleasant experiences of my, "imaginary friends", I would often awake screaming for my parents after being startled by something un-nerving, only I could see and feel. ​Approximately 1​​​8yrs ago, I met someone who claimed to be a "natural medium" and asked if I knew I was one as well. After that a lot of missing pieces in my life seemed to fall into place. This is also when I had my first experience assisting earthbound spirits, (those who have not yet crossed). After talking to them and understanding their situations and emotions most of them, would let go of what they hung on to and choose to disappear through a tunnel of light that appeared for each one. This was my first experience with what is sometimes known as, "spirit rescue" or "spirit release." Each one that chose to cross through to what I call, a "spiritual shower," came with a feeling of peace, calm and at times a, "thank you." Because I had come from a history of being frightened of what I did not understand, and experienced emotional pain growing up, I dedicated my life to continuing helping people the best I could. Either with understanding their abilities, what I see is behind the activity people are experiencing, and or working with earth-bounds by connecting and helping them to understand they do have a choice at a more peaceful existence. (Seth is also available for personal  personal readings by appointment.)  


​Meet The Team​​​

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Karen: Psychic Medium and Animal Communicator

I began my journey into the psychic realm around 1970 as a young child. Some of my earliest memories were communicating with animals, angels and Earth spirits. I thought everyone could see and understand these entities. 
Many decades later I became a deputy sheriff in Park County, Colorado and discovered that animals could share pertinent information about suspects and criminal activity. My ability to connect with departed humans allowed me to gather much-needed evidence on cold cases and unsolved crimes. 
My love of paranormal events and investigations led me to the wonderful team White Light Paranormal and I'm excited to work with such a talented team. 
I conduct both human and animal sessions from my home office in Elk, Washington, I teach classes and workshops on Animal Communication and psychic development and continue to assist law enforcement agencies on missing persons and unsolved murders hoping to bring closure and peace of mind to the victims and their loved ones. 
I have written two books, 'Hear All Creatures, The Journey of an Animal Communicator' and am a contributing author for "Amazing Paranormal Encounters VOL.2". 


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Cassie: Paranormal Investigator 

Cassie is a dedicated wife and mother of two beautiful children. She is also very hard working, having worked at the same Company for over 22 years. She was born and raised in Portland Oregon and loves the city she grew up in. She frequently visits Hawaii and would love to retire there someday. 
She enjoys spending time with her family, Photography, Gardening, Camping, Dancing out on the town with her girlfriends and retreats with her para friends. 
Cassie has been very interested in everything related to paranormal after having her own experience when she was 8 years old. After getting the opportunity to Investigate with another well established paranormal group in the fall of 2011, she knew she was hooked.