Description of Services

Our team of experienced investigators and psychic mediums work together with you to help identify the source of the activity and to alleviate the problem whenever possible.   




Service Components: 
Initial Interview, Research, Pre-Impressions,Walk-through, Equipment Setup, Investigation (if desired), Resolution (if desired) and Evidence Review.


We perform services designed to help people and those on the other side, whenever possible. However, for our own personal safety and health, if we feel threatened or in danger at any time we are at a location, we do reserve the right to leave and not return. Depending on the situation, an incident may result in us immediately reporting it to the authorities. Some examples of a situation we would not tolerate while we are there is, drug use or drinking alcohol, obvious or suspected intoxication or being under the influence of any substance, threats of harm to any of us, or sexual innuendos, and harassment of any kind. 


Emergency Situations:
We are aware that there are times when people need help with paranormal problems right away. If you are experiencing activity where anyone is being harmed, being kept awake at night, or if the level of activity is frightening you, your children or your pets, please let us know. We will make every effort to coordinate an emergency investigation and or resolution. One of our psychic/mediums may also call you to suggest coping and protection techniques if requested.
Initial Interview: 

A team member will be contacting you shortly after we receive a request for our assistance to talk with you further and to schedule a time we can visit you for an interview. We may have up to 3 people to ask you questions about your experiences you have had and to take a tour of the location. This is also essential for preliminary evaluation to plan where video camera ect, will go and to do a base-line emf reading when a night time investigation is requested. (Please see section on equipment used.) After the readings and interview is finished one of our mediums will be asked to come in and also tour the house while then explaining all impressions they receive. This person will also be open to any questions you may have on how to cope with what you are going through. An investigation or a spiritual resolution would be scheduled at this time of the visit. We ask that at the time of the phone called we are informed of who you are planning to have at the location with you.  We ask that this is either people that have had first hand experiences they would like to share, or tenants and employees only.  If you live alone or work alone and would like to invite a friend in for support, we do understand and encourage it, however we do ask to be notified of it ahead of time.



Children and Animals:

For both the night time Investigation and Spiritual Resolutions we do prefer to work only with adults present and without pets, if possible. This is to not only ensure that we have a controlled environment for documentation, but to also have the focal  point on resolving the activity.  


We Keep It Genuine:

The teams Interviewer will share the interview information with the Director of Investigations, but will not share the information with any of the mediums who will be working on the case until the appropriate time during the walk-through, investigation or resolution. This is usually after an impression they receive matches something that was reported earlier on without their prior knowledge.  We want to give our mediums every chance to receive impressions about the location without any previous influence to get the most accurate impression as possible.