Evidence Review & Follow Up

After the investigation and resolution, our team reviews any audio, video and pictures for evidence of paranormal activity or communication.  They also compare any evidence to the information you have provided in the interview and with any impressions the mediums or investigators report. Review of the audio and video for EVP requires an enormous dedication of time.  This step involves numerous hours of meticulous analysis, and is the longest process in the case. Our goal is to complete our evidence review within one month. Depending on the length of the investigation and the amount of activity, this can take a bit longer. A team member will contact you after the investigation and resolution to see if you are experiencing any further activity, and schedule a follow up visit if needed. 

When the evidence review is completed, any audio, photographs, video and summaries will be provided to you.  With your permission, details of your investigation will be documented and shared on our website and social media page, such as Facebook.  We may also share the story at conferences or with our trusted colleagues.  We never share or use our client’s names or their locations unless they ask that we do so.