Spiritual Resolution is a term we devised, that refers to attempting to resolve any paranormal situation if possible. This usually occurs on a follow-up visit, or without an investigation.  It is preferably done during daylight hours. Depending on the issues, there may be two or more mediums assigned to your case. Each medium will walk through the location separately to receive their own impressions.  We ask that you or another person you have chosen to represent your family or property be with us the entire time. As part of the resolution, the mediums try to communicate with the ghost or entity in the location to determine how best to help them.  Our intention is to assist them in completing their transition from the earth plane to the place where their loved ones in spirit are waiting for them.
Our mediums work together to fill the location with a positive energy, and use methods to help protect the location from further paranormal problems.  This may include the practice of burning sage in the home as part of the resolution process.  They also will work with you regarding methods to prevent future issues.  The mediums will assess the situation to determine if all issues are clear or resolved, or work with you regarding any entities that are deemed harmless.

Spiritual Resolution