"Our mission is to assist the living in recognizing and validating what may be paranormal activity, and to help find a resolution to the best of our ability. Whenever possible, we also strive to assist those entities that may be in turmoil or unrest."
                                                                                           - White Light Paranormal Insight Team


Are you on this website right now because you think you may be experiencing various types of activity or feelings in your home or business that you have not been able to explain? Perhaps you are hearing footsteps or voices when no one else is there with you.  Objects may have been moving or turning up in different places.  Maybe you have a strong feeling of being watched or believe you are being touched? Perhaps you experienced your hair being pulled, or noticed scratches on your body you cannot explain.  You may have felt various intense emotions in certain areas or rooms and you don't know why.  Or maybe you just want to know more about us!   

If you are seeking an answer to what may be occurring around you, or assistance to change the situation to feel more comfortable, White Light Paranormal Insight may be able to help. Our Investigation team seeks to gather and document evidence of activity using various technical equipment. The Spiritual Resolution team uses natural abilities to attempt to resolve or release what is there once a source has been identified. In each of our services, we approach every situation with compassion and respect. We also believe that just resolving the situation, if possible, isn't enough. We try to explain our findings and educate you every step of the way, as well as suggest how to set boundaries and re-claim your space with techniques that have worked for us and for our clients in the past. 

*Although we have been successful in the past, we do not guarantee a complete removal of all entities or a full desist of paranormal activities. 


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