Our team of Investigators have a variety of equipment they use to help identify any paranormal activity, we  do however, look for any environmental causes to the activity first. When these causes have been ruled out, we can then focus on identifying any paranormal presence in the location.​ We prefer to conduct our investigations on Saturday evenings.  Depending on the issues, the Investigation can take three or more hours. We plan our investigation based on the type of activity you have reported. Some Investigations involve our team working in each room of the location, working outside on the property , or perhaps even limited to a single room in the location.  We’re flexible, and strive to conduct the most thorough investigation that we can. While operating our equipment to gather evidence, and after ruling out any natural causes, we will  attempt to make contact with whoever might be  causing any  of the paranormal activity.  We will attempt to gather EVPs , by asking a series of questions using  digital recorders. We will constantly monitor air tempeture for any unexplained changes. We trust our own senses and will make note of anything we might experience. We have many other  pieces of equipment we will gladly explain what they are used for to you. We want you to be part of the process, empowering you along the way.