Case Summaries June 2012-December 2012

Case 2012-09 Private Residence-Portland,Oregon​

Our case contact reported hearing footsteps when no one is there, disembodied voices, objects moving and being knocked over, feeling a tugging on a shirt, a dog's sudden hesitancy to enter a certain room, unexplained cold spots throughout the house, and had captured Evp's on his own.  The client asked for a resolve.

Medium Notes:  The mediums assigned to the case felt there were several earth-bound entities at the location so this required two visits. On the first visit the mediums encountered an female, elderly earth-bound entity that seems to show concern and frustration with the other earth-bounds that were there. Her description was noted to match that of a lady that had lived and died in a house near this location. There was also a middle aged male earth-bound that made it clear he wasn't interested in leaving this location.The basement seemed to have the heaviest energy and this is also where most of the disembodied voices were heard. At least 3 did cross via the basement that day, with the older female and male still there along with a couple of others who were not as prominent in energy. The mediums also got impressions on separate walk-throughs that someone may have been buried in the basement at some point, but it was unclear if the body was still there. On the second visit a new medium to the case, also noticed the main entities as the others and got a name who later was found to be the name of the woman that originally fit the description on the prior visit.  This particular spirit asked to stay and the resident gave his consent. All the other earth-bound entities did choose to cross. Our case contact also showed signs of having abilities that may also have been a draw to activity, however may have intensified activity with self paranormal investigations.  It was advised he no longer hold evp sessions in his own house.

Follow Up: After our last visit our client met someone that claimed to once lived in the house and was aware of that there might have been a murder and indeed the body was buried under the basement. He did not tell this former resident about our visit or what we had picked up.  The current owner did contact a detective but was told until the floor was dug up, there is nothing much that can be done.  The owner does have plans to remodel the basement floor at some point in the future and plans to call the authorities if anything suspicious is found.  Our Client says that since we were there, he has not used recording devices to capture evps and his house has still has a lighter feel and activity had not been to the extent it was since. 

Case 2012-10 Private Residence-Washougal,Washington

This was a joint case brought to us by another investigation team that did obtain evidence of likely paranormal activity such as an evp of two entities that seemed to be talking to each other. Some of the reports of the family both the parent and children being touched, seeing images of people appearing and disappearing such as woman, and a male and female child, light anomalies coming down the stair case, a feeling of being watched, hearing disembodied breathing.  The parent was concerned because the children were increasingly feeling comfortable in their own home.  We were asked in to help resolve the issues the family had been experiencing. 

Medium Notes:  Because of the high intensity level of activity, we brought in three of our mediums to assess and attempt to resolve the situation on a whole. The mediums experienced several earthbound entities. Among two was an image of a woman and a child. On an evp we captured on that day two mediums are heard addressing the child on the recording followed by what sound's like a giggling child and a woman was heard saying, "good girl." No children were present with us that day during the resolve.  The mediums also addressed a male earth-bound entity that seemed to an angry and sorrowful based on past events of his life. A male voice was also captured on a digital recorder on several evps in a whisper that seemed talking about what we where doing. Another unidentified, female voice was picked up saying it was tight in the room and a male voice said, "walk right through them."  The mediums worked with each one individually until the room began to feel extremely different and much lighter according to our client and the mediums.

Follow Up:  Since our visit our case contact reports and drastic change in the overall feeling of the home and that the children were no longer exhibiting anxiety and fear like have before.  We also worked with the parent on ways to keep her home as clear as possible with boundaries and protective visualization.

Case 2012-11 Private Residence-Portland,Oregon

In this case two people reported experiencing multiple sightings of, shadow figures, hearing disembodied voices laughing or random words being said and cold spots in one area of the residence.  They also report the feeling like a cat jumped up on their bed when their cat was accounted for somewhere else.  Each one also had a feeling of being watched, seeing glasses being knocked off a desk, and an incident of writing on a mirror in steam when no one had touched the mirror prior. They requested a nighttime investigation and a resolve. The couple also noticed changes in their interactions and overall mood when in a certain hallway.

Medium Notes: The medium experienced a young man she felt an almost immediate connection with a young male earthbound. She spent time speaking with him and sensed his sadness and that he seemed to have taken his awkwardness he felt in life, with him on that side.  She was able to help him release his old feelings and move on. A follow up resolve was not needed for this case.​

Investigator Notes: It was noted that during the investigation there were exceedingly high electromagnetic field readings in certain areas. This raised concern that it may be a malfunction in wiring or another electrical issue that was emitting thought the residential unit. The team advised our clients to contact the manager or owner to address it.  Although there were high emf readings the team did not feel this was directly related to all activity and experiences that could not be explained. There were battery drains with new batteries experienced and many Evp's captured. 

Follow up:  The tenants did express they may end up finding a new place to live if they could not fix the emf issue, and reported very little activity still there.


Case 2012-12 Private Residence-Portland,Oregon

​In this case the residents were experiencing seeing orb of light with the naked eye, seeing flashes or darkness and light, and seeing an image of man wearing a hat and suit as if he’s from the 40’s era. One of our clients also felt an unexplained cold rush against her face and the feeling of being watched when no one else is home. One of the children also expressed an uncomfortably in a certain room. They asked for an immediate resolve. 

Medium Notes:  The two mediums at the location both described the same images of a male and a female that had passed on. To the mediums they did not seem to mind each other, however the male seemed to be more in a confused and emotional state.  He had also expressed he did not know where he was or why. The mediums explained he was basically in a house and had passed on and after he expressed himself and admitted he wasn't were he truly wanted to be, he chose to cross.  The woman was then talked with and had noted she was trying to find one of her loved ones and eventually was able to release and move on.

Follow up:  ​They reported having a small amount of activity after such as feeling of being watched once and awhile. They did move however they said it wasn't due to the activity.​

Case 2012-13 Private Business-Gresham,Oregon

This one was another joint case with another local paranormal team.  The client reported disembodied footsteps, doors heard slamming, being touched by no one there, and, disembodied voices signing and talking.  Our client also has felt an overwhelming sense of fear that has made the employees run out of the building.  They have also seen changes their relationships, in their sales, and in their over all health and stress level.  Our case contact, also being a natural medium seemed to be more of a target to a more of the aggressive earthbound entities and she requested a resolve following a full nighttime investigation.

Investigation Notes:  The investigators experienced spikes on the emf detector in certain areas and a lot of intelligent answers to questions over the "ghost box" that sounded like the same voice.  The medium assigned to the investigation was able to assist the most dominant of earth-bound entities there about letting go of his old issue and moving on. 

Medium Notes:  ​The medium at the resolve session noticed a feeling right away of several entities.  Both our client and our medium made contact with a young girl spirit who was in turmoil at the idea of crossing because she grew attached to the business owner's children. Eventually she did cross with the assistance of what looked and felt very angelic.  The whole resolution was obtaining stories and working on solutions for any one else that either did not understand where they were or that they passed on.  And for one wasn't sure there was more than where he was.​

Follow Up:  ​​Although our client has not encountered the same type of activity, no encountered the same entities she was used to, she still has had activity and sensed and heard spirits.  We agree this may be combination of the particular area and land, and her fine tuned abilities. She is currently planning to move her business.

Case 2012-15 Private Residence-Aurora,Oregon

In Review


Case 2012-08 (Revisited) Meeting Hall-Portland,Oregon

In Review

Case 2012-16 Private Residence-Camas,Washington
Client reported, disembodied voices and footsteps, moved items, feeling touched by no one there, doors and window blinds opening by themselves, a drawer was witnessed opening and falling onto the floor, as well as frequent headaches and anxiety in the location.
Medium Notes:  On the walk through the medium experienced an immediate male entity who he described as having an intense emotional energy.  The medium also noted experiencing, head pressure and nausea when he came in contact with him.​   

Investigation Notes:  The team heard objects hitting a surface and drop to the floor on several occasions. Upon further evidence a penny was found for two of the three occurrences. Also, upon turning on the lights they noticed a framed picture hanging obviously and significantly crooked which was witnessed earlier to be level. While watching video footage at the locations  they noticed 6 to 8" in Diameter moving in pattern, they also noted headaches throughout the investigations.​
Resolution Notes: The male earthbound energy was addressed and was connected with and found to be very similar descriptions to someone he knew and witnessed die a crash. That earthbound along with a couple others found to be at the location, chose to cross to the light. The client has not experienced anything since our visit.