Case Summaries December 2011-May 2012

Case 2011-01 Private Residence, Washington

The clients reported hearing unexplained footsteps, feelings of being touched, feelings of being watched and movies and pictures being moved around. The clients had tried smudging, using salt, and a house blessing but still had the same amount of activity. An Investigation and Resolution was requested.

Medium Notes: Based on impressions and descriptions of a male that the Medium saw at the location that matched a ex-boyfriend of the client's that died over a year earlier, in a vehicle accident. It was determined that the movies that were being moved had belonged to this deceased friend and the pictures that were being moved were pictures of him.  This was also confirmed by our client.  The medium translated last messages from him to the client and reported that he didn't understand he had died or how he may have ended up there.  After he was he able to let go of his confusion and anger that he expressed he was able to cross and move on.   

Team Notes: A battery drain in equipment was noted in the beginning of the night.  No other physical evidence was found at the time of the Investigation.  Footsteps that were heard, were concluded to be next door neighbors.  There was a heaviness felt in some areas of the location by most of team members until after the resolve.​

Follow up: The residents reported the location has felt a lot lighter and calmer since our visit.  And confirmed again nearly a year later that nothing has occurred since we were there. ​

Case 2012-01 Private Business-Portland,Oregon

Overall reports of manager was seeing skeleton dog on surveillance video, moving objects witnessed in kitchen, customers and employees feeling uncomfortable presences and being watched.  The Manager and owner felt like they have been followed within the location.  The manager also experienced intense pressure whenever going in there.  The overall behavior of customers were reported increasingly getting aggressive such as fights breaking out when they didn't before. The employees did use a Ouija board to communicate with what was there, three times and reported an increase of activity and intense feelings among several people.  An immediate resolve of the situation was requested.

Medium Notes: This case was obtained by a medium's vision of this location without prior knowledge of activity going on. The vision revealed a physical and personality description of the female employee and image of a male earthbound entity that was oppressing.  We were then put in contact with the manager and the owner who also confirmed other details experienced by the medium's impressions.  Because this area was very old and so much activity was experienced another one of our mediums did visit for a second resolve and reported she too no longer felt the dominating male in the vicinity. She did however report there were still harmless earthbound entities and some were former customers and friends and wished to stay if that was agreed upon. Since there was no harm threatened they did get the okay.

Team Notes: Feelings of being pushed was experienced by two team members and one person reported feeling like someone brushed past him to get to another area of the location.  After the end of the visit, all people present reported experienced feeling a lighter and calmer energy.

​Follow up:  Each contact the manager has reported the location felt much better but experienced a little "harmless" activity, but that all oppressive feelings had never returned.  A year later from our initial visit the manager reported that the location has still felt much later than before we were there and very little activity has been experienced by the employees. ​

Case 2012-02 Private Residence-Portland,Oregon

Young children reported nightmares and seeing creatures with "red faces" in their room. They also refused to play or go near a certain area in their room. The son reported seeing and feeling a "ghost" in his room around the same time he displayed signs of depression. Their mom had experienced feeling like she was not alone when no one was home. A resolve was requested.

Medium Notes: The first impressions received was that of several spirits such as a young man in a male's room who may have died from an overdose who gave off depressed energy and an older woman in the kitchen who claimed to have lived there. (Later research showed a woman that lived there did die while owning the house.) The medium also noted to see what he described as short entities with red features that matched the descriptions of what the children had seen. He also said he believed some of the earthbound spiritual issues may be due to several members of the family displaying psychic medium abilities. 

Team Notes: After the medium at the case reported he believed the woman seen in the kitchen crossed, a team member noticed she smelled chocolate chip cookies. No one was baking at the time. 

Follow up: After the resolve the young children began playing in their room and no longer complained of nightmares.  The son still reported seeing the young man in his room. The medium assigned to the case worked with the parent via a phone call and witnessed the male earthbound crossing after telling his story and concerns.  The son without knowing this was done said he no longer felt or saw the male ghost in his room and hasn't since.

Case 2012-03 Private Residence-Happy Valley,Oregon

Our case contact reported she experienced being pushed down the stairs by no one there, unexplained scratches on her body, her boyfriend displaying anger with no known reason, feelings of being watched when no one else is there. A resolve was requested. 

Medium Notes:  All mediums during the walk-through separately experienced seeing a male earthbound entity that reflected emotions of anger and a deep sadness.  After speaking with him about what he was hanging onto and explaining he had passed on, he chose to cross.  A female was also experienced who expressed she was lost and later also crossed over with the help of the case contact and a medium.  All mediums on the case agreed the female case contact was also very open psychically which may also been like a beacon for those seeking help or attention.  ​

Follow Up: ​Our case contact reported the house felt lighter and calm after our visit. From various correspondence in the last several months she still reports that everything has remained quiet and is not to the degree it was before we were there.  Anything else she is able to explain and has been able to take care of it on her own.​

Case 2012-04 Private Residence-Vancouver,Washington

Our case contact reported cabinet doors and a pantry opening on their own, unexplained bruises on her body, someone being pushed by no one there, tv and lights going on and off on their own, a daughter acting differently short periods of time and having memory black outs, along with odd behavior of their dog. That asked for an immediate resolve. 

Medium Notes: The first medium at the location went directly to one of the daughter's rooms and saw an entity imaging a lot like, the "Grim Reaper" in the closet area.  When the medium said he saw it move around the dog who was in the room started having high emf readings when the detector was near him.  At the end of the resolve, the dog showed no more emf readings and room felt lighter by all who was there. The second medium on the case that arrived shortly after noticed an earthbound child and a man.  She communicated with both until they felt ready to cross. ​

​Follow Up: Immediately after and for the following months the case contact reported no different feelings, and no activity. She did say at one point she felt the presence of something, however not to the degree it was before our visit.  This was another case that was also concluded there were people that lived there that had keen psychic abilities.

2012-05 Private Residence-Vancouver,Washington
​Our client reported hearing whispers over a baby monitor when no one was upstairs, a child talking to no one there, strange feelings of being watched, the urge to run past certain rooms and an unexplained feeling of fear in certain areas of the house.

Medium Notes: The medium assigned to the case revived immediate impressions of a young boy rocking back in forth in a room he described earlier before going. He described the earthbound entity as having erratic thought patterns and didn't speak clearly. The team agreed that this boy may have had a severe learning disability when in life. After several minutes the medium believes he saw the boy's grandmother come over and escorted him into a lighted tunnel. The medium believes as the boy walked he saw him turn into a man which gave him the indication that this boy may have passed on as in a much older age then he imaged as. There was also another male the medium worked with who also crossed that night.  The medium also believed this was another case were a family member had also displayed psychic sensitivity. 

Follow Up: The family reported that since our visit it has felt lighter and has had no more strange feelings or unexplained activity.

2012-07 Private Residence-Portland,Oregon

Our case contacts reported the dishwasher turning on by itself, hearing a male voice when no one else was home, and their son's toys turning on and moving on their own. The parents also noticed their son displaying sudden and unexplained aggressive behavior along with saying words and phrases that they couldn't explain where he would have learned them from. 

Medium Notes from Investigation: The two mediums assigned from the case focused on a male earthbound entity that had both strong energy of depression and anger. Both mediums said the name they heard was the same on separate walk-troughs.  One of the mediums also saw another male earthbound entity who he saw as elderly that said he had lived there at one time.  It was revealed later a man that lived there in the past had been robbed and attacked in that house, but it wasn't found if that is where he died. They asked for both a night time investigation and a resolve. 

Team Notes from Investigation: After tuning on the "spirit box", the name that was a variation of what the mediums heard prior was heard and it is around that time, when one of the mediums reported feeling like he was punched in the back several times.  

Medium Notes from Resolution: The dominant male entity expressed anger at situations that he had in the past however was able to cross with the agreement of not seeing him parents. The older man also was seen crossing by a medium, but did not require any counseling or much communication. 

​Follow up: The parents noticed immediately following the resolve their son had been back to himself never again showing the odd behavior he had several months in the past and reports their house still feels amazing.  

2012-08 Meeting Hall-Portland,Oregon

They had reports of slight activity and the feeling of a presence on occasions. Because the area is rich in history, the age of building and reported activity, we requested and they agreed to a night time investigation. 

Medium Notes:  During the investigation in the basement the medium experienced a drastic decrease of physical energy and felt light-headed and dizziness 3 times in a row right before the emf detector set off to a high reading. 

Investigation Notes: This is a large building, 3 levels, we had 4 Investigators, 1 Medium and an Assistant  We split up into groups with two on each level. The night started quietly, then like a light switch had been turned on, activity picked up. Medium on case and assistant were stationed in main room with the building manager, there was much activity in the room.Two investigators that were stationed on 3rd level, had returned to basement level to replace batteries on a device, that batteries were just 5min before replaced on, as they placed equipment down to change batteries, the table moved in front of both of them, an estimated 4 inches, both saw and one claimed a feeling of dizziness right before. We decided to take emf readings near table, we got unexplained spikes, we then decided to use the "Spirit Box" and when asked if they moved the table the response was "Table". Activity died down and we again returned to the second level, we held a "Spirit Box" session and had a very clear name come through in response to a question. The medium had picked up on a Entity by the name of May or Mable, when asked if she was there, a males voice came over and said "Mable" we also had a full sentence in a male's voice, that was later found to have been copying a Investigator who was in a different area of the building. As the night was getting late we all, minus one headed down to basement to pack up. It was at this time that the Investigator that was left on main level reported feeling something or someone touch his legs while sitting in a chair. The hour was 3 am, so we decided one more time to connect with the Entity in the basement, and he didn't let us down. At first he was toying with us, then he started using EMF in response to question, this is when medium was affected (See note  above). We decided to call it a night. Due to the high activity we plan to return.




2012-06 Private Residence-Portland,Oregon

Our case contact reported repeatedly hearing a disembodied female voice that he also captured on a digital recorder. He also reported feeling like he was being touched several different times by no one he could see. More than one family member also experienced objects being moved, and an increase of nightmares. Since the intensity of what they had been hearing along with the family's uncomfortably, was increasing they called in an paranormal investigation team who also caught a couple of evps and experienced a heaviness feeling in the house. After the initial investigation, the team then called us in by request of the family wanting a resolve to the issues so we continued as a joint effort to obtain peace for the family.

Medium Notes: One of the mediums assigned to the case noticed that a house next door matched the drawing she made previously to our visit. She felt that house may have been the original source to the activity experienced at this house.  Later, research revealed that in the early 1900s the house next door actually extended to the land of the house of our clients. The mediums did observe several layers of past and believe they saw and felt more than one entity at this location. They did address the female entity that was originally reported and found she was firmly rooted in wanting to stay there and have him to herself. The medium present did witness some earthbound entities crossing, however not all entities that may have been tied to the land had chose to go at the time. Since the activity and psychological distress that the main entity seemed to cause, we returned a couple of times to keep up in attempting to resolve the issues and each time, the house seemed to feel lighter and lighter by each team member.

Team Notes: Two members mentioned feeling head pressure and a heaviness and one felt a sudden nausea upon entering into the house before the resolve. ​

Follow Up: The family reported a lot less activity and a decrease of uncomfortably in their home.